NGO Makerthon

5 Key Takeaways from the NGO@Makerthon

Nurliyana Zafira


April 19, 2021

This article highlights the five main things the NGOs were exposed to throughout the 4-week digital NGO@Makerthon.


What have the NGOs learned from the Makerthon?
1. Digital Literacy and Social Entrepreneurship

The NGOs were introduced to G-suite and other Google-related services. NGOs gained knowledge on the tools to transform their activities digitally. Tools such as Google sheets, documents, slides, calendar, etc and how they could collaborate and co-create social impact strategies, while managing their time and resources efficiently. 

This program also aims to contextualize social entrepreneurship for NGOs. They are guided through the social enterprise business model and understanding the process of undergoing the transformation to become a recognised social enterprise. 

2. Design Thinking

NGOs are brought together to explore the 5 stages of Design Thinking - Empathise, Define, Ideate, Prototyping and Testing. 

By considering the issues that communities face, the NGOs learned how to empathise with the end users in mind by crafting an Empathy Map and defining their design challenge based on the chosen community issue. 

The session also covered various ideating tools and frameworks to collaborate on innovative approaches. They will also be exposed to various physical resources and tools available at Ruang Reka such as experts, tools, machines, resources and networks. 

3. Business Model Canvas and Technology for Social Impact

NGOs are exposed to the Business Model Canvas and they are guided through the steps to craft their NGO Business Model Canvas. Additionally, NGOs gained knowledge on tools and skills in increasing and leveraging digital capacities to facilitate and amplify their social impact. 

The NGOs were exposed to an array of technological tools such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, Internet of Things (IOT), Digital Marketing, IR 4.0 and data management. 

4. Communications 101 

NGOs worked on improving their communication strategy to increase social media engagement and curate content and digital marketing strategies. 

Participating NGOs gained the ability to identify and approach key stakeholders and beneficiaries pertaining to their design challenges. Moreover, NGOs were equipped with funding, grants and sales knowledge. 

5. Project Management and Impact Reporting 

An overview of project management such as project management cycle, planning and communication tools as well as the key components of project management were included to what they have learned. They are introduced to project impact reporting methods such as the Theory of Change and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

See you at Ruang Reka! 

In the finale, the NGOs will be brought together physically at Ruang Reka to demonstrate the knowledge they have learned from the 4-week digital program. 

Looking forward to seeing the implemented solutions by the NGOs for the community's problems with 21st-century skills! 

Check out Ruang Reka here.

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5 Key Takeaways from the NGO@Makerthon
This article highlights the five main things the NGOs were exposed to throughout the 4-week digital NGO@Makerthon.
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