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PPR Communities

RM 300,000

Worth of grants to be given to 20 NGOs

About NGO Makerthon

NGO@Makerthon bridges the gap between your innovative solutions and those most in need.

Experience a series of engagements, including a 4-week digital workshop, a 2-month mentorship, prototyping and funding to connect your innovative solutions to PPR and B40 communities across Malaysia.

Through the programme, you will gain access to skills, resources and expertise through virtual training modules on design thinking and STIE (Science, Technology, Innovation and Engineering) skills to amplify your social impact in 20 communities in Malaysia.

4 Pillars of Focus

Increasing the livelihood of PPR communities through entrepreneurship and business opportunities
Enhancing the wellbeing and development of the youth, women and senior citizens
Community Development
Reducing waste management problems within PPR communities and promoting circular economy solutions
Increasing technology adoption (STIE) and improving access to the digital economy in PPR communities
Technology Adoption

Do you have the solutions?
Submit them now and receive up to
RM 15,000 to bring them to life within a PPR community!


Where we're making impact


Phase 1: Social Innovation Submission

This is your chance to champion an issue of your passion.

Submit one innovative solution, based on the four areas of social challenges - livelihood, community development, environment, technology adoption - to tackle the challenges identified in PPR communities.

Tell us what the problem is, who is affected and how you’re going to solve it!

Remember, these solutions will be thoroughly evaluated and only one solution will be implemented per PPR community.


Choose one of the four social issues and submit an existing innovative solution (a product or service) offered to groups of communities.

Your solutions must be connected to one of the 20 PPR communities.

The ideas need to be realised in a testable prototype.

Applications for the NGO@Makerthon will remain open until the 6th of August, 2021.


Phase 2:

The Makerthon marks your learning and development of 20 innovative solutions to solve community challenges.

The 4-week virtual programme will help your team structure innovative solutions and validate them through the design thinking approach, allowing for empathetic and impactful social challenge solutions.



Digital Upskilling

21st Century Skills

Design Thinking

Phase 3:

After months of ideation,  you will be equipped with funding and industry access to a network of resources and opportunities to prototype and implement your solutions in the PPR communities.

With expertise and mentorship, you will navigate through the PPR communities in evaluating and implementing their innovations.


Funding Opportunities

and Technology

Guided Mentorship

Idea Implementation

Phase 4: Finale

Having built and tested empathetic solutions in PPR communities throughout Malaysia, you will convene for a in-person finale to celebrate your accomplishments in the impact and solutions.

Journey through design thinking and harness innovative solutions to solve community challenges


Arthur Raymond
Kinabalu coder
Arif A.Rahman
Youth & Innovation Consultant
Retrospective Discovery
Zikry Kholil
Hasbe Zuraiha
Social Innovation Movement
Ambika Sangaran
Program Director
Biji-Biji Initiative & Me.reka
Leona Liman
Communication Manager
Plus Malaysia Berhad
Jey Bala
Head of Education
Biji-Biji Initiative & Me.reka
Gurpreet Singh
CEO Me.reka
Biji-Biji Initiative & Me.reka
Rashvin Pal Singh
Group CEO Biji - Biji Initiative & Me.reka
Biji-Biji Initiative & Me.reka


Digital Literacy

Digital competency and essential skills training to thrive within the 21st century.


Leverage an NGO and Social Enterprise business model to harness available capacities, amplify social impact and maintain longevity.

Project Management & ImpactReporting

The process of leading the team to achieve goals and meet success criteria under various constraints. You will also learn how to identify, measure and reflect on organisational goals and performance.

Empathy & Problem

Gain a holistic understanding of the problem the beneficiaries are facing and discover the direction needed to build solutions that consider their perspectives and specific needs.


Curate a communications strategy to approach the key stakeholders and beneficiaries that participants identify pertaining to their design challenges.

Technology for
Social Impact

Identify tools and skills to leverage digital capacities to facilitate and amplify social impact.

Design Thinking

Journey participants through the remaining stages of the design thinking process. The session will cover various ideating tools and frameworks to collaborate on innovative approaches.


Importance of long term strategic planning and exploring various regional networks, tools, resources, partnerships and funding & collaborative opportunities to amplify participants' social impact.



Have an established and active NGO in Malaysia.

Have at least one year of experience working and providing impact to the community in Malaysia.

Be a citizen of Malaysia.

Meet the minimum requirement of 2 team members (and a maximum of 4 team members) from your organisation to take part in the Makerthon.

Be able to participate in the whole 4 weeks of the virtual training, 2-month mentorship, prototyping phase and the finale.

Be able to travel to selected PPRs for visits and solution implementation.

Be able to meet, interview and understand your PPR’s needs and problems.

Be committed to sharing your work and impact on the NGO@Makerthon platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NGO@Makerthon programme?
NGO@Makerthon provides a transformative experience to empower local NGOs with a digital and entrepreneurial mindset. The NGO@Makerthon initiative is a a series of engagements, including a 4-week digital workshop, a 2-month mentorship, prototyping and funding to connect the NGOs' innovative solutions to 20 PPR and B40 communities across Malaysia. These solutions are centered around four pillars of focus - livelihood, community development, environment and technology adoption.
Through the programme, you will gain access to skills, resources and expertise through virtual training modules on design thinking and STIE (Science, Technology, Innovation and Engineering) skills to amplify your social impact in 20 communities in Malaysia.
Is it a virtual or physical program?
The NGO@Makerthon is a 4-week digital workshop, a 2-month mentorship with prototyping and funding opportunities to connect your innovative solutions to PPR and B40 communities across Malaysia.
Why should my NGO participate in this makerthon?
This programme will help your internal structure to achieve greater impact, and you will gain access to unlimited resources to solve community challenges, upskill your team with digital strategies, explore innovative solutions to create social impact and achieve financial sustainability.
What does this programme consist of?
STIE Skills: i.e., Design Thinking, Digital Literacy, Technology for Social Impact and more

Entrepreneurship Skills: Training and providing NGOs with entrepreneurship skills and mindset, to ensure NGOs are able to attain better financial sustainability, and incorporate Inclusive Business components.

YIM Innovation - HIP6 Grant Recipients Connection: Connecting NGOs to existing 108 YIM Innovations that can be scaled through pilot community projects, further increasing the scale and impact being created.
How long do I need to participate in this programme?
This programme requires your tentative commitment:

A 4-week virtual training
• 1 hour pre-recorded sessions and interactive webinar discussion (1 session a week)
• 1 hour interactive webinar interviews with HIP6 solution providers (1 session a week)
• 1 day of office hours a week for participants to approach trainers with questions
2 months of mentorship with bi-weekly check-ins with the mentor.
What resources will I need to attend the workshops in this programme?
A Zoom account and stable internet connection.
How many team members are allowed to participate from 1 organisation?
We require a mininum of 2 members in one organisation and maximum of 4 members.
How do I apply?
Click here for the application form, which contains more information about application.
Are there any application fees?
No, there is no application fee.
When can I apply?
Registration is open for NGOs until the 31st of July, 2021.